Youth Activism Summit

YAS is a three day residential event for young people between the ages of 16 to 24 who are eager to be part of change from all over the country.

Today the largest age group in the world fall into the category of Youth and in the recent years it has become essential for Youth to stand up and make an impact. After years of research and experience of working with young people we bring forward YAS that trains young people to stand up and grab opportunities! To think Global but act local, to be the leaders of tomorrow and use their voice and strength to be the real backbone of their country. We have designed a program for young people that will change their lives forever and tell them everything that they have to know to take their own initiatives and be the real leaders in their society with large scale impact making projects!


-To introduce international existing programs to youth.

-Developing confidence, capacity building, project management and creativity

-Bring forward practical methods on making your dreams come to live! (May it be your wish to travel the world or be a millionaire)

-Providing tips and tactics for fundraising and obtaining sponsorship

-Teaching team building and project management.

-Highlight problems and issues in Pakistan and how youth can practically be a solution.

-Giving a deep understanding of Youth activism and how to be an activist with whatever resources.

-Last but not least, a deep understanding of setting goals then achieving them. -And much much more!

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