In 2011 sitting in her classroom one day, Tanzila Khan who was born with a disability and had been on a wheelchair since childhood realized the disparity of opportunities for students from marginalized backgrounds or even those who were different. Creative Alley was born to ensure the difference is matched by creating opportunities for inclusion through workshops, projects, and events to bring young people from all walks of life together. Creative Alley focuses on SDGs, disability awareness, and inclusive leadership through many different initiatives.

The Village

The Village is a model followed by Creative Alley where participants from any workshop can propose an idea and resources and funding are raised through capacity building of the group. This unique model ensures all participants get an equal chance at learning practical skills under the mentorship and develop their unique self and inclusive leadership before diving into a world that offers many opportunities.

The impact

So far Creative Alley has trained more than 8000 young people across Pakistan and abroad on inclusion, disability and SDGs. This has been done through more than 500 in-house trainings, projects and collaborations with institutions. Creative Alley maintains its sustainability by charging a small fee for all its workshops and events and maintains a community of resources.