• December 14, 2023
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Theatre of the Taboo – Mental Health

Theatre of the Taboo – Mental Health is a workshop for anyone and everyone to learn theatre as a life skill to feel, express, communicate and question life and society.

Looking for participants who are:

  • Age 18 to 32
  • From across Lahore
  • You can an activist, artist, entrepreneur, researcher, young professional, student, or just plain awesome!


  • Address the hidden issues in our society that affect our mental health
  • Empower marginalized communities and break barriers
  • Talk and learn about mental health
  • Learn theatre as a tool for self expression and understanding others
  • Eliminate the Taboo and work towards a discrimination free society

Date: Saturday, 10th February 2024

Location: OLOMOPOLO Media, 43-A, Block D, New Muslim Town, Lahore

Google Map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/HW35H2ZkhAfmzQYM8

Time: 09 am to 05 pm (Doors close at 08:50am)

Deadline to register: 08th February 2024


Waqas Manzoor

Waqas is an Educationist, Researcher, Performing Artist, Storyteller, and a Photographer. He is founder & director of a social enterprise named دیپ ناؤ (Deep Now) that works for the provision of education through the medium of arts.

Tanzila Khan

Tanzila Khan is an entrepreneur, activist and a public speaker and delivers sessions on various topics such as unleashing creativity, overcoming barriers, and inclusion within businesses. Her NGO is a Creative Alley that trains and empowers the community through events and projects. She also ventured into Film making and acting to project disability through a heart-warming short film called FruitChaat.


Kabeer Minhas

Passionate about the art of storytelling, Kabeer Minhas is a seasoned theater enthusiast with a flair for creativity and a love for the stage. Known for his roles as an antagonist in street as well as stage theatres, Kabeer is an MPhil Scholar with theoretical contributions in theatre. He is inspiring participants to explore their artistic potential on the theatrical stage.

Please register below and the final guest list will be sent an invite.